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Coffee has gathered people to talk life throughout history. We thought why not bring this same environment to the campus of ISU? So stop by and grab a cup of Joe and see a smiling face on your way to class Wednesday mornings!

Coffee social history

Coffee has been at the center of social history since the 16th century. Coffee houses were a place where people came to engage with one another, enhance their knowledge, and broaden their perspectives. It is no wonder there are so many coffee houses on university campuses! 

Coffee was not only drunk in homes but also in the many public coffee houses — called qahveh khaneh — which began to appear in cities across the Near East. The popularity of the coffee houses was unequaled and people frequented them for all kinds of social activity. Not only did they drink coffee and engage in conversation, but they also listened to music, watched performers, played chess and kept current on the news of the day. In fact, they quickly became such an important center for the exchange of information that the coffee houses were often referred to as ‘Schools of the Wise.’
— National Coffee Association USA

Want to know more about this history of coffee. Check out the National Coffee Association USA website. Want a FREE cup of coffee come to the quad Fridays!