we are a team of fearless, faith-filled & inspired friends

Our Staff is dedicated to the work of ministry at ISU and IWU.  We strive to share and demonstrate the gospel to the campuses and communities of ISU and IWU.  We love making funny videos, hanging out, and just being friends even around our office.  Meet us here, but take time to get to know us better as you join us in the Cornerstone community! You can contact a staff member by clicking on their name.  The picture above was taken recently at our annual National Staff conference for Collegiate Church Network.  The network has a church on each of those University campuses.

Pastor Mike Klunke

our type 1 diabetic fisherman

Pastor Matt Wilcoski

our resident cyclist

Lisa Wilcoski

our artist

Heather Kepuraitis

our fashion consultant

Kris Stack

our athlete


The Staff Team is always looking to recruit qualified Christians who want to change the world.  If you're interested in joining our team make sure to attend a recruiting breakfast or talk with a current Staffer for more info on how to connect with us as a team member.