• Pepsi Ice Center (map)
  • 201 S Roosevelt Ave
  • Bloomington, IL, 61701
  • United States

Sneakers on ice? Hitting a ball into a hockey goal? Brooms? We know it sounds crazy. But it is crazy fun! 

So what is broomball exactly, you ask. Well Wikipedia (the source of all semi-true facts) has this to say:

In a game of broomball there are two teams, each consisting of six players: a goaltender and five others. The object of the game is to score more goals than the opponent. Goals are scored by hitting the ball into the opponent's net using the broom. Tactics and plays are similar to those used in sports such as ice hockey, roller hockey, floorball.

Players hit a small ball around the ice with a stick called a "broom." The broom may have a wooden or aluminum shaft and has a rubber-molded triangular head similar in shape to that of a regular broom (or, originally, an actual corn broom with the bristles either cut off or covered with tape). Players wear special rubber-soled shoes instead of skates, and the ice is prepared in such a way that it is smooth and dry to improve traction.

Which is a good description, but does not begin to describe the fun of slipping and sliding as you chase a ball around the ice, hoping and praying that you manage to hit it before you slide by! 

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