As a staff team we desired to have the opportunity to spend some quality time together and with the staff team of Illini Life the collegiate church at UofI without the rush of the school year around us.  We’re excited to get to relax, play, build a snowman, and make some memories together and wanted to invite anyone who was interested in joining us.

Here are the details:

When:  January 2 to 6 - Friday to Tuesday  (Trust me, you'd think you have something going because it's after the new year…but you don't….it's just a boring, boring time at home when no one is around and everyone went back to work, but you're in college and on break )

Where:  We will lodge at  Camp Manitou-wish a YMCA Camp in Northern Wisconsin.   (about 7 hrs from Normal, 5.5 from Chicagoland)  

How Much?  - $120 which covers your Food and Lodging

Extras:  You'll also need to cover gas and meals on the road and our first night there. Lift tickets at each of the resorts cost about $50 a day. Cheaper if you do multiple days. Rental equipment is around $36 a day. Check out the resort websites above for precise info. We may look into a group rate once we see how much interest there is in skiing.

What will we do?  The cabins we'll stay in are sweet!  There are huge shared kitchens, a big fireplace, a cozy lodge atmosphere.  The scenery is amazing.  Tons of time to hang out, play games, etc…  We can hike, sled, cross-country ski, snowshoe, cook, it's a huge 300 acre ymca…check this place out! If that is too tame, there are also three great options for skiing / snowboarding about 1 hour away:  Check out their websites, rates and maps below:

Big Powerderhorn - Bessemer, MI

Indianhead Wakefield, MI

Blackjack - Bessemer, MI 

Who: Well, the staff and families and you. There is a limited number of spots so sign up soon!