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Corners are our Small Group Ministry.  Each Corner has several small groups who meet weekly together as one Corner.  Corners are an intersection of faith and life where real relationships form and strengthen with all kinds of people.  

They are open groups that anyone can join, and they are the heart of our church community.  

Corners are where our purpose of Connecting Students to Christ in Church Community happens the best!  

Most of our Corner communication happens through Facebook.  Currently we have three Corners meeting weekly with many small groups in each Corner.  


Click below to link to each Corner's Facebook page.

Hanson Corner Tuesday’s, 7-9pm

1113 Hanson Dr.

Adelaide Corner Tuesday’s, 7-9pm

909 S. Adelaide St.

Morgan Corner Thursday’s, 7-9pm

1103 Morgan St

shire Corner Thursday’s, 7:00-9:00pm

4 Shire Ct.